Çıplak Ayaklar Studio, founded in 2003, performed its first shows in studios such as Istanbul’s Aksanat, Çatı and Dans Buluşma.

Workshops were held with foreign dancers such as Charles Cre Ange, Daeine Elshot and Frank Handeler with many late-night rehearsals trying to complete projects and, soon enough, the Company’s own space became a necessity.

Simultaneously, events such as the Istanbul Dance Festival and the Phd Dance Festival were organized. From time to time, a house rented at Asmalımescit or a room at Dansbuluşma allowed the Company to come together as the whole team.

The Studio, in search of having more rehearsal time, was finally founded in the courtyard of the Firuzağa Hammam in Tophane. The courtyard, previously used first as a warehouse, then a blacksmith, and then again as an air-conditioner store and a car repair shop became the Company’s rehearsal space in 2007, evolving through the years into a fully functioning productive dance studio holding many shows and workshops.

Since its opening, the Company’s Studio has worked alongside Contemporary Dance movements, functioned as a space of production for dancers, choreographers, educators, technicians, musicians, publishers, photographers, carpenters, video artists and many more creatives. The Studio has incubated numerous shows, ideas, concerts, projects, exhibitions, trials and rehearsals from conception to production and succeded in adapting and then re-adapting according to its original mission.