The Company

A dream country, Çıplak Ayaklar was founded in 2003, in Istanbul’s vibrant neighborhood Beyoğlu. Made up mostly of dancers with contemporary backgrounds, the Company started with first independent shows Why, İnçu, Çima, Neden… It has come a long way until today with shows such as Mehmet Barış’ı Seviyor (Mehmet Loves Barış), Engin-ar, Şehirde (In the City), Ters Okyanus (Reverse Ocean), Kontrol (Control), Sen Balık Değilsin Ki (You’re Not a Fish), Kız Doğdu (A Girl is Born), Tüh!, Hayat Ağacı (Tree of Life), Gomidas’la Yolculuk (Journey with Gomidas), and Hiçbir Şey Yerinde Değil (Nothing is in Place).

Since its founding, Çıplak Ayaklar valued production through sharing and achieved forming its own language. Over time, this production expanded through forms of body, movement, shows and workshops, earning the Company not only its own audience but also help enlist new amateur and professional dancers into the field.

Today, the Company continues its dances in pursuit of its dream utopia.